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Home insurance alone isn’t enough—ensure your home is fully protected with flood insurance. At Uplift Insurance Group, we help you assess the risk of flood damage and find the best coverage. Don’t leave your home vulnerable to unexpected flood damage. Get started today and ensure comprehensive protection with expert guidance.

The Basics of

Flood insurance

Flood insurance helps cover physical damage from floods and rising water, which is not included in standard homeowners policies. Just one inch of floodwater can cause an average of up to $25,000 in property damage, making flood coverage a priority for most homeowners. Flood insurance is typically a separate policy that covers your home itself, your personal property, and sometimes can include coverage for additional living expenses during the repair process.

What's Included?

Understanding the Risks
Your Policy Covers

Flood insurance, depending on your policy, generally covers both the
structure of your home and the items within it.

Building Property Coverage

Provides coverage for the physical structure of your home, from the roof to the foundation.

Personal Property (Contents) Coverage

Provides coverage for the items inside your home, like clothing, furniture, and appliances at their value at the time of loss.

Why Consider Flood Insurance

Do I need flood insurance?

Floods Can Happen Anywhere

Even if you don’t live in a high-risk flood zone, heavy rain, melting snow, and severe coastal weather may cause flooding. Moreover, 20% of flood claims come from low- or medium-risk areas — so flood insurance is often an important safeguard for many homeowners living near a river or body of water. FEMA estimates that an inch of water could cause $25,000 of damage to your home.

Increasing Flood Risks Due to Changing Weather

As weather patterns continue to evolve, flooding has become more frequent and unpredictable. Heavy rains, rapid snowmelt, and severe storms are leading to unexpected flood events in areas once deemed low-risk. Protecting your home with flood insurance is more crucial than ever.

The Difference Between

Water Damage vs Flood Damage

Many people think water damage and flood damage are the same. When it
comes to insurance companies and repair coverage, they are quite different.

Water Damage

Typically resulting from plumbing issues like toilet backups, flooded air-conditioning units, or overflowing washing machines.

Flood Damage

Usually caused by water originating from a natural disaster, hurricane, or heavy rain event. This can include flash-flooding, sump pump failure, or prolonged roof leaks.

What’s not included

Potentially Important Exclusions to Note

Whether you buy a flood policy from the NFIP or a private company, the
following exclusions may apply:

Flood insurance won’t cover you if your sewer line or the community sewer line backs up, this is generally considered a water damage claim.

Your flood insurance may exclude losses that are caused by earth movement, even if a flood produces the earth movement.

Flood insurance may cover mold or mildew damage that is a direct result of a covered flood. However, most cases of mold/mildew claims are found to be a result of owner negligence.

If it’s outside your home, it’s potentially excluded. Trees, plants, wells, decks, patios, fences, pools, and hot tubs are typically not covered.

Our Partners

Fema’s flood map

How Do I Check My Flood Risk?

Understanding flood zones is crucial for home protection. FEMA categorizes zones based on historical data and proximity to water bodies, impacting insurance requirements and highlighting basic flood risk. Resources like FEMA’s Flood Map Service Center help identify risk levels, but homeowners must stay vigilant as flood threats can change. Both the National Flood Insurance Program and private options offer financial protection, but preparation extends beyond insurance. Proactive measures can safeguard against nature’s unpredictability, ensuring safety and financial security.

The Difference Between

NFIP vs Private Flood Insurance

Learn about the distinctions between government-supported NFIP and private
insurance, enabling you to make an informed decision tailored to your needs.


Government-backed flood insurance program. Recently updated with NFIP Risk Rating 2.0 for fairer pricing based on property risks. Coverage limited to $250,000 for the house and $100,000 for belongings. Government strives for improvements, including eliminating elevation certificates, but coverage options remain standardized.

Private Flood Insurance

Offered by private insurers. Provides options beyond NFIP, with uncapped coverage tailored to individual needs. Offers broader coverage for belongings and living expenses not typically covered by NFIP. Features quicker coverage initiation, potentially lower prices, and flexibility in coverage selection.

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