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The Best Online Defensive Driver Course

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Online Defensive Driving Course

Everyone wants to lower the price of their car insurance, especially if they can find matching coverage with another carrier – but why not stay where you’re at and save 10%?

An online defensive driver course can lower your car insurance by 10%, and the course can be completed in a day. Traditionally, you’d have to drive to an instructor-led course, but nowadays you can complete the course online, at your own pace.

Wanna learn how? Let’s get into it!

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Are you ready?

Wanna skip the reading and get straight to the savings? Click the button below and select the state you live in. 

What is a Defensive Driving Course?

So for starters, what IS a defensive driving course? 

Well, its’ pretty simple. It’s a safety course where students learn to improve their driving skills by anticipating situations and making safe, well-informed decisions, on the road.

So it makes quite a bit of sense that your car insurance company would want you to take such a course, right?

Better driving habits = less accidents. 

Less accidents = less claims.

Most insurance companies will require you to take a state-approved course, that’s at least 6 hours long. Different companies have different rules, so it’s important to ask your agent if the course you plan on taking will be approved. 

The course will typically go through things like: safe driving attitudes, smart driving behaviors, state specific traffic laws and regulations, impaired driving (alcohol or drugs), defensive driving techniques, and collision avoidance.

Sounds like an earful, doesn’t it?

Well don’t worry, that’s why you can do it online and at your own pace!

You can do an hour, then take a break, or come back tomorrow – it doesn’t matter!

As long as you complete the course, and get the certificate of completion – you’ll be on the way to savings-town!

How does it benefit me?

Well, apart from the typical 10% savings on your car insurance, you’ll find natural benefits like improved driving skills, better evasive techniques, and better general driving knowledge. 

I make all of my staff take our recommended course because I want them to recommend a product that they’ve taken, and have an actual experience with. 

On top of that, sometimes a defensive driver course can help you remove points from your license. (consult with an attorney first).

Taking an online defensive driving course is probably the easiest way to show completion, so again – consult with your insurance company, or ask your attorney about which course you plan to take. 

The cool thing about the company we recommend is that they provide full refunds if, for some reason, their course doesn’t suffice. 

Which is a great lead into…

Who we recommend

Our official agency recommendation is the National Highway Safety Administration’s.

They offer all sorts of state approved courses: Traffic Ticket Dismissal Course, Defensive Driving Course, Teen Driving Course, and the list goes on.

After reviewing 10 different nationally ranked courses – this seems to be the best one available, and the biggest bang for your buck. 

Typically a defensive driving course will cost around $60-$140, depending on the company you go through – with the National Highway Safety Administration, it will only cost you $29.99.

Typically they charge around $60, but we negotiated a special deal 

Click Here to See Courses

Once you click the link, you’ll be brought to a page where you can select what state you’re in, then it’ll pull up every course that’s offered and approved. 

We highly recommend you take an online defensive driving course, at least once to improve your driving skills and hopefully keep you safer on the road. 


Don't want to do the course?

Shopping your car insurance every 1-2 years is an easy way for you to save on your premiums. 

Call us today at (470) 737-2025 or submit the form below for a quote!

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